One may say that we are obsessed with roasting vegetables. We simply love them. And our clients feel the same. Roasting vegetables is an easy cook method and it makes for a dazzling dinner. Here are 3 reasons why you should be roasting vegetables:

1. Roasted vegetables taste amazing. So many people don’t care for veggies, but I’m certain that these folks haven’t tried roasted vegetables. I’ve had many vegetable-hating converts swoon over Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

2. Roasted vegetables are super quick and easy. I have two children, I’m married and I work full time. I like to roast veggies because it takes just a few minutes to prep veggies and then I’m hands-free in the kitchen while the veggies roast.

3. No matter what dietary approach works best for you, roasted vegetables will fit. The recipes found in this cookbook are naturally simple and therefore I can make many claims regarding these recipes. These recipes are free of gluten, dairy, soy and corn. The recipes are also vegan, Paleo and fit into a detox or candida cleanse.

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