Take nutrition consultation and coaching to the next level with a Nutrition Experience

Get up close and personal to food and cooking and you will feel comfortable and confident nourishing your body and mind with healthy foods.

Grocery Store Tour

After guided tour of your grocery store with your personal nutrition you will know what to buy, how to make choices and how to review a food label.

Dining Out

Choose a restaurant and let’s eat! Eating with your personal dietitian helps you navigate menus and deal with portion sizes, food choices and other challenges you face when eating out.

Pantry & Kitchen Makeover

You want your kitchen and pantry to be your sanctuary. An organized space that sets you up for success. Your personal dietitian will come to your home to makeover your kitchen to support your goals. New to gluten free? Then you need a Gluten-Free Kitchen Transformation!

Personal Cooking Classes

Learning to cook delicious meals that are nourishing requires a certain set of skills. Learn these basic cooking skills with a personal, in-home cooking class.

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